The Rebbe Will Find A Way

It was a long summer Friday.* My neighbor, who lives a block away from me in crown heights, decided to go to the Ohel of the Rebbe and help put on Tefillin with people. Many people were coming and going. as he stood close to the information desk, he noticed a group of young man coming over to speak to the person behind the desk.

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The Hug I So Desperately Needed

I am originally from Melbourne, Australia and despite the fact that the overall community is traditional, I grew up with minimal Jewish exposure. I would have wine and challah on Friday nights, attend Pesach seders, and go to Shul for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but that was the extent of my involvement with Yiddishkeit (Judaism).

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The Rebbe Maharash And The Old Men

The Rebbe Maharash would travel for health purposes, using the opportunity to visit and consult with overseas rabbinic and communal leaders on matters of public concern. At this particular trip he traveled incognito, accompanied only by his assistant, the gabbai Pinchas Leib. The Rebbe Maharash relates:

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Esther Langsam* And Her Double Miracle

Many young Jewish men were saved from being enlisted into the ruthless Russian army by the efforts of a fearless young Jewish woman. She befriended a Russian woman working in the NKVD, the Russian secret police, who supplied her with blank Polish passports. These were filled out for the Jewish men who now appeared as Polish citizens. Once the passports were officially stamped, the person owning it would not be enlisted.

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Reb Zalman Senders And The Alter Rebbe

Reb Zalman Senders was one of the prominent Chassidim of the Alter Rebbe, having attended his Yeshiva as a young man. He was a very successful merchant who was generous in his philanthropy with family and anyone in need. He was a tremendously great and well-known Torah scholar and served G-d joyously.

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The Move That Bore Children

In Yerushalayim everyone knew her to be “Bubby Quinn”. She merited to establish an amazing family, with hundreds of her descendants scattered throughout the world. The story about the establishment of her family and her immigration to America over one hundred years ago, is wedged in the story of a bracha (blessing) – an amazing bracha, that this woman received from the Rebbe Rashab, zt’l (the fifth Rebbe of Lubavitch, Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber Schneerson 1860-1920).

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