The Brocho That Didn’t Make Sense

Naglar was a Jewish landowner, had owned a huge alcohol tank on his property, which was nine feet tall. One of the nearby gentile farmers dreamed about access to the tank. His mind was made up – come what may he would find a way to steal some of the whiskey. Stealthily, he made his way to the alcohol tank and set up a tall ladder by it.  He climbed up and as he reached the top and leaned over, he lost his balance and fell into the alcohol tank and drowned.

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Reb Yisrael Of Skoli Austria

During the Hungarian revolution against Austria, in the year 1848, the chasid Reb Yisrael from the town of Skoli, Austria, was in the city of Debrecen in Hungary for business purposes. At that time, the city of Debrecen was in the hands of the Hungarian rebels. Thus, R’ Yisrael was forced to remain in Debrecen against his will.

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The Last Words Of Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov*

It was with heavy hearts that a group of senior Chasidim assembled in the home of their master and teacher, Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov*, the “Bnei Yissaschar”.

Their Rebbe had fallen ill, and it was understood that his moments were numbered. They joined his children and grandchildren to be with him in his closing hours of physical life and perhaps hear some final instruction from their mentor and guide.

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R’ Shmelke of Nikolsburg*

The holy R’ Shmelke of Nikolsburg* conducted himself in the path of Chassidut.

The townsfolk of Nikolsburg were not Chassidim and they disapproved of the seemingly odd behavior of their community rabbi, Reb Shmelke, who was a Chassidic Rebbe. The most prominent members of the community, therefore, called a meeting and decided to dismiss him. They instructed the Shammash (beadle) to inform the rabbi of their decision. This Shammash was a simple fellow, though honest and upright. He asked them why they had suddenly decided to do such a thing?

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