Hashgacha Pratis Story Part Two

Story until now: Rabbi Eizenbach is invited to farbreng in Meron on Shabbat Mevorchim Menachem Av. Here he meets Yaakov (not his real name), a Litvish bochur, who had recently returned from New York where he went to the Ohel of the Rebbe to request a bracha for a shidduch. Now Yaakov asks the participants at the farbrengen to lift their cups and say a L’Chayim that the bracha should be fulfilled and he should get engaged soon. Please read on…

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 Melava Malka Stories website will Im Yirtzeh Hashem be starting a new feature!

From now and on we will be posting short stories on the go!

They will be coming out every few days but will not have a set time like the Melava Malka Stories.

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