The Baal Shem Tov’s Vision

Once, during his travels, the Baal Shem Tov* stayed at the inn of one of his followers in a village near the city of Brody. The innkeeper, wishing to honor his distinguished guest and those accompanying him, prepared a huge feast on their behalf and accorded them all the respect due them. As the Baal Shem Tov took leave of his gracious host he said to him, “Ask of me what you wish.”

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Saved From Eating Non-Kosher Meat

Two Jewish business partners traveled deep into Russia on account of their business. They remained there for a number of years and were very successful in business. However, with the passing of time, they became ever more estranged from Judaism and distant from Jewish traditions. Mixing with the gentile population, they learned from their ways.

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Tzaddikim Are Greater In Their Death Than In Their Lifetime

An upright young man once set out from his home in Vilkomir to buy up merchandise in Niezhin. Though not a chassid himself, he was on very friendly terms with a celebrated chassid  by the name of Reb Yaakov Kaidaner*.

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 Tefillin In Manhattan

Rabbi Kantor shares his experience.

…..This is what brought me to the streets of Manhattan. There, on the mundane streets of the New York an inspiring story unfolded for me. I share it here with you, as it shows the detailed Divine Providence of Hashem down here on earth. It gives us a chance to see the presence of G-d in the smallest details of our lives.
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A Brit Milah in Russia

We came to the bus station to meet the bus driver who was bringing us some kosher provisions for the winter. We were told the time that the bus would be arriving and made sure to be there on time. However, to our great consternation, the bus had already left and was now on its way to its last destination, Tobolsk.

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Excerpts from the Previous Rebbe’s Memoirs 2

About three times during the summer of 5651 (1891), my father, the Rebbe (Rashab) visited a village called Mozinkes. It was about 25 viorsts (approximately 16.5 miles) from Lubavitch, via Babinovitch and surrounded by a pine forest. He would leave Lubavitch on Sunday, stay at the home of R. Shmuel Horovitch, and return on Thursday.

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Excerpts from the Previous Rebbe’s Memoirs 1

It was imperative that I leave our country because the period from my arrest until my fortunate departure was a time of stressful pressure, intense suffering, and awesome terror. G-d be praised that we remained alive. “Give thanks to G‑d, for He is good!”

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