The Rebbe Rashab’s advise


One of the Chassidim of the Rebbe Rashab was a government contractor. He was an honest and hard working person. Due to jealousy, some evil workers libeled him to the government, and his judgement was set to take place in the capital city of Petersburg.

Though he was totally innocent, he did not have proof of this nor evidence to show that it was all false. On the other hand, the evil ones had prepared false documents to testify against him.
The chasid traveled to the Rebbe Rashab and told him all that was happening. The Rebbe Rashab asked him,
“Since you will be traveling to Petersburg – in which class will you be traveling on the train?”
He answered, 
“In the second or third class.” (which was less expensive)
The Rebbe then said to him,
“It would be best for you to travel first class!”
He blessed him with success, and the chasid went on his way.
The chasid listened to what the Rebbe told him, and ordered a first class ticket. In this class, there were two people to a room on the train. They traveled a whole night. In the early morning, as the sun came up, the chasid took out his tallit and tefillin and prepared himself to daven. As can be imagined, his prayers were most heartfelt, as this was a very difficult time for him. When he finished davening, he took out his Tehillim (his book of Psalms), and began to recite the verses of King David, with tears and heartfelt prayer to G-d. 
His neighbor in the room, was resting on his bed and the chasid thought that he was asleep. But he was awake, and was watching the chasid intently the whole time.
Afterwards, he got up and washed up. He removed some food from his satchel and sat down to eat. When the chasid finished davening, he, too, removed his kosher food which he brought with him. The two of them ended up sitting across each other at the table, each eating his own food.
As happens when traveling, a conversation ensued between them. At first it was of a more general nature; but then the fellow traveler asked the chasid,
“Why were you crying so much during your prayers? And in general it is noticeable on you that something is bothering you very much.”
The chasid shared with his companion about the upcoming judgement, how evil people libeled him to the government. Innocently, he told him the whole story that was weighing so heavily on his heart.
When they reached Petersburg, they each went their own way.
In just a few more days, the day of the judgement arrived. How surprised, and somewhat fearful, was the chasid, when he saw that the judge was non other than his traveling companion!
The judge from his part, had already heard the whole story, and since it was told to him in total innocence, as his companion had no idea to whom he was speaking… the judge understood that his words were truthful. He realized that the whole thing was a false libel and the chasid was indeed innocent. 
He was totally acquitted in the judgement!
This story was famous in the city of Lubavitch and known to be truthful.
It was shared in the book: Shmuos veSippurim by Rabbi Refael Nachman Kahn, published Elul 5724 in Kfar Chabad.

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