How The Rebbe Helped After Gimmel Tammuz

 “Hmm, what’s this,” my mother commented as she looked into the mirror one morning. “Is that a bump on my neck!?”

        “It’s probably a swollen lymph node,” my father said, coming over to see.
          But a few days later the bump got bigger and my parents decided to have it checked out. One doctor said it’s her thyroid, another pointed to a different issue altogether. So they went to see a specialist.
             “I don’t want to scare you,” the specialist said gravely after examining the lump. “But this looks very serious. The growth is two and half inches and hard. It poses a great danger and must be removed immediately!”
             When my parents told the family what was going on, we were all scared. My father posted messages on every group and chat we knew begging people to pray for our mother. My parents traveled to the Ohel, on the advice of Rebbetzin Gurary, from Buffalo, NY where they poured out their hearts to the Rebbe.
              Since my mother’s case seemed so urgent, her surgery was scheduled right away. But before it could take place she needed a pre-surgical scan. In middle of the tests, the technician came back to my mother with a puzzled look.
         “Where was the growth?” he asked her.
         “Right here,” she said pointing to the left side of the neck.
            “Well, in my radiology readings, I don’t see anything! Both sides of your neck look almost the same!” The growth seemed to have disappeared. The surgeon was called and confirmed that the lump had shrunk by half.
          We were ecstatic. My father immediately called for celebration making a kiddush that week in shul to thank Hashem for the unbelievable miracle.
         But a few weeks later, my mother noticed that the bump seemed to be growing again.
           “Don’t worry, the doctor reassured my parents. If it shrunk once it shouldn’t be malignant. We’ll schedule a surgery to remove it as soon as possible.”
               When my mother awoke from her surgery, the surgeon gave her some surprising news.
         “It wasn’t a growth at all, but an inflamed lymph node,” he said happily.
            Only a tiny scar remains from the whole ordeal.
             The name of the Hebrew month Iyar is composed of four letters which are an acronym forAni Hashem Rofecha – “I, G-d am your Healer!”

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