First Short Story!

I went to the Ohel one day with my husband for an upshernish.

My husband cut the boys hair and gave him a few single dollars.

The upshernish boy’s father started to walk the upsherin boy to put the money into the Pushka.

Since some of us were planning to give a little more then single dollars, I advised the Boy to KEEP the money and give the Maaser.

That night after we got home we got a call from the upshernish Boy’s father, he tells me that amongst the dollars from us there was a Rebbe Dollar with my husbands name on it dated Yud Alef Nissan.

I told him it is Min Hashamayim and he should keep it.

I asked my husband and he said since Hashgacha made sure that the boy got the dollar, let him keep it.

They were excited and overwhelmed with such a “gift”.

Actually they were supposed to have the upsherin in Israel, the place of their Shlichus, But circumstances that was not in their control prevented that to happen.

Both felt really bad about it until they got the Rebbe’s Dollar.

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