Nissim From The Rebbe

In the early years of the Rebbe’s leadership, the Rebbe would himself go to the office of his Secretariat, which was close to his office in 770, to give over replies to questions sent to him on a variety of issues.

Once, the Rebbe came to the office to give over some answers, when one of the secretaries was on the phone. He was in the midst of what appeared to be a heated conversation with someone. The Rebbe pointed to the secretary to stop the conversation and asked what happened?

The secretary answered: “I am speaking with a woman in Manhattan. Her husband is very sick and the doctors don’t know what to do. She heard that the Rebbe gives advice and blessings which bring about great salvation. She, therefore, turned to the Rebbe to ask for his advice what to do? The Rebbe answered her that she needs to start lighting the holy Shabbat candles. She is arguing and saying that if the Rebbe would tell her to which doctor to go or which medicine to take, she would understand. But she does not understand: ‘What is the connection between her lighting Shabbat candles and the health of her husband?!’”

“Tell her these words, without going into discussion or argument: Why did she turn to me? She knows that I am not a doctor and did not study medicine; but she heard and believes that G-d gave me the ability to advise and bless. What does it matter that she does not understand what is the connection between her lighting the Shabbat candles and her husband’s health?”

The Rebbe concluded: “Tell her in my name: If she lights the candles – her husband will be healed! And there is no need for further discussion.”

The secretary conveyed the Rebbe’s message to the woman and completed the call.

A few weeks later, she called again to the secretary and asked to inform the Rebbe that she had begun to light the candles before Shabbat.  After a few days, the doctors informed her that suddenly – not only did her husband’s situation stabilize but it made a turn for the good and her husband is now out of danger and will have a complete recovery!

She asked to give over to the Rebbe thanks for his guidance.

Translated from Kfar Chabad Magazine #1854 Pg 24-25 – Stories Heard From the Rebbe’s Secretary, by Rabbi Aharon Dov Halperin, editor of Kfar Chabad MagazineThese stories were collected from Rabbi Leibel Groner, of blessed memory, who passed away recently. In general the secretariat of the Rebbe did not divulge things they were privy to; however, at certain occasions, such as a farbrengen, Rabbi Groner would share a relevant story with a lesson for the participants.

And another one:

One day a Jew from the Holy Land called. He asked to give over to the Rebbe that his daughter was seriously ill. He begged me to go immediately to the Rebbe and ask for a blessing. I wrote the details on a paper and brought them in to the Rebbe. The Rebbe answered on the note two things: Next to the name of the girl he wrote, “I will mention her at the Tziyon (gravesite) of the Previous Rebbe* ”; and by the name of her father who requested the blessing, he wrote: “Is he involved in mivtzoim**!

”Right away, I phoned this Jew and gave over the Rebbe’s response. A few hours later he called again and asked to give over to the Rebbe that immediately after receiving the Rebbe’s answer, he went to the Chabad office of Tzach in his city and asked them to direct him what he could do to help out with mivtzoim. They gave him instructions what to do.

A few days later, the Rebbe asked me: “What is happening with this girl?”

I answered that I did not hear anything. The Rebbe said to me: “Call and find out what is doing with her.”

I called and I was told that the doctors informed the family that it was miraculous that the girl was healed. I gave this information over to the Rebbe.

The Rebbe then told me: “It is worthwhile to publicize what the mivtzoim accomplish!”

From Kfar Chabad Magazine # 1854 Pg 24 by Rabbi Aharon Dov Halperin as heard from Rabbi Leibel Groner, z’l

*Azkir al HaTziyon – I will mention her at the Tziyon – the Rebbe would often travel to the Ohel of the Previous Rebbe a number to pray on behalf of those requesting blessings.

**Mivtzoim – the Rebbe’s Call to Action which came out over a period of a number of years to awaken Jewry to Torah and mitzvot and help the situation in Israel. It began with the mitzva of Tefillin before the 1967 Six Day War ushering in the miraculous turnaround and victory of the Jewish people against their enemies. It continued for many years for a total of ten mivtzoim (mitzvot). The mivtzoim – 10 Mitzvah Campaign is active till today and has brought about incredible salvation personally and globally. To learn more about the Mivtzoim, please visit:

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