Short Stories Of Hashgacha Pratis – Divine Providence.

Mazal Tov! Mazal tov! My friend Zehava had twins.

She also has an older daughter. Since she lives out of town and does not have any family close by, we told her she needed to get a night nurse for a minimum of two to three months. Zahava and her husband agreed and for the first month they had a wonderful night nurse to care for their twins. The cost was a whooping $5000. They managed to afford it for one month but were not certain how they could do so another month. Hashem had a plan. 

 Zahava’s husband received a bonus offer at work to travel with some colleagues to a destination in Europe with their wives. Zahava did not think she could travel at this time. Before they had a chance to make a final decision, the company cancelled the trip. Since it was a company decision, each employee was given a compensation prize of $5,000! The money was now available and  thankfully the nurse was hired for the second month, thank G-d!

From Sarah Wineberg

Zalman was encouraged to learn Mishnayos baal peh – by heart. As an incentive he was offered a set of walkie talkies when he finished a whole perek.– chapter. He looked online and found the ones he wanted. Learning a whole perek wasn’t easy and it was taking time. Zalman kept asking if he could get the walkie talkies already, in advance… or maybe as a birthday present?… 🙂 His parents kept encouraging him to do another Mishna and another Mishna, knowing that he has the capabilities, thank G-d. He was motivated and worked diligently and completed the perek on Shabbat before Shavuot! On Sunday we went online to order the walkie talkies and saw to our amazement that there was a flash sale on those exact walkie talkies for just a few hours! What HP and what a happy boy!

From Devora Leah Lein

It was our first trip out of KC this year when we decided to accept an invitation from our children living in Chicago to come for Shavuot. For this Shabbat following Shavuot, we went to our youngest son, who with his family, recently moved to Chicago and into a new house. B”H we spent a lovely Shabbat with the family and enjoyed seeing the neighborhood of many frum Jews. Motzoei Shabbat, after the children were put to sleep, and the menfolk came back from shul,havdalah was made and we sat down to enjoy a melave malka. We packed up our things and said our  goodbyes as we prepared to return to our lodgings at our older son’s house. Stepping out onto the front porch, which was lit up with a porch light, I heard my name called, “Blumah!” In the clear night’s air, I saw a car which had stopped in front of the house, and someone walking out and looking straight at me. It was my niece Sara! As I came down the stairs we met up. What a pleasant surprise and such HP!

Sara and her husband are shluchim who live about a half hour’s drive away. Two of her nieces from out of town (our great nieces) attend Lubavitch high school in Chicago. The girls were spending Shabbat at her house and were invited to a melave malka by a friend. Sara and her daughter Esther, who recently got her license, drove the girls to their friend’s house. They had just arrived on the street, when Sara said, “I know Choni lives somewhere on this block; I wonder which house is his?” Stepping out of the car, she looked up and was so surprised to see me on the porch. Turns out the friend’s house was directly across the street from our son’s house! Talking about timing….

What HP – at the exact moment that Sara exited the car, I stepped out of the house and the two of us met. What a delight to meet our niece, her lovely daughter Esther, and our two lovely great nieces!

From Blumah Wineberg and Sara Binyaminson

Thank you Hashem for all the great and small miracles in our lives and for the ability to experience your amazing Hashgacha Pratis – Divine Providence.

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