The Rebbe’s blessing after an Ohel visit

Although I lived in Brooklyn for many years, had an Orthodox Jewish education in my youth, and passed by 770 (the main Chabad synagogue located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY) quite often, I never had the opportunity to engage with Chabad in a meaningful way, until….

Approximately eleven years ago, our son and his family living in Pittsburgh, Pa, became involved with Rabbi Yisroel and Chani Altein, Chabad Shluchim in Squirrel Hill.

My wife and I had the opportunity to meet them during one of our visits there. We were so impressed with their friendliness and passion for Yiddishkeit (Judaism) that we decided to introduce ourselves to our local Chabad rabbi and Rebbetzin in Media, Pa at the time, Rabbi Eli Dovid and Rivkah Strasberg.

Several months later, Rabbi Strasberg invited us to join him and several other couples on a day long trip to New York to visit the Ohel of the Rebbeand Crown Heights. When we arrived at the Ohel we were advised to write a note to the Rebbe with requests for blessings we wished for.

Our son Philip was forty years old at the time. He was always studious and hard working and was never inclined to get married and start a family. We as Jewish parents wanted very much to see him marry a Jewish woman and have children so we both decided to write in our notes a request for Philip to find a nice Jewish girl and start a family soon.

We entered the Ohel where we recited several chapters of Tehillim (Psalms). After reading our letters, we then tore it up as we were told is customarily done. On our way out we gave Tzedakah (charity) in the pushka (charity box) close to the Ohel. The entire experience was very special for us.

A week later Philip called us with the news that he just met a Jewish girl online. We were amazed at how quickly and miraculously the Rebbe’s blessing seemed to be materializing, just a week after we had davened (prayed) at the Ohel for this to happen.

Philip eventually dated and married the woman he met online that week and they are now the parents of a wonderful little girl. All this happened because of the Rebbe’s blessing and we continue to be proud supporters and members of our local Chabad ever since.

I share this story all the time with people, and I know many friends of ours that went to visit the Ohel as a result of hearing our story.

Told by Mr. Henry Belman of Media, Pa.

As seen in A Chassidisher Derher issue #115 Adar 1 5782 – February 2022 pg 58-59

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