Melava Malka Stories website will Im Yirtzeh Hashem be starting a new feature!

From now and on we will be posting short stories on the go!

They will be coming out every few days but will not have a set time like the Melava Malka Stories.

Wishing you a safe and happy summer!

As The Site Goes Public…

the team has added many stories and we really hope you enjoy.

you can always scroll down to see all of our updates of how to search on the side bar for the stories you wish to read.

you can contact the team any time as you see on the side bar, we will hope to get back to you between 4 – 5 business days.

Advertising is available on this site, your advertisement will be posted in big on top of the post, to contact the team please contact us through the contact bar on the side. We will try to get back to you between 4-5. Business days.

The team


We are glad to announce that Melava Malka Stories web team work hard on making it easier to find a story on a certain topic.

the following is a list of tags \ shortcuts that you can search in the search bar to the side.

1) baal shem tov stories


3)mivtzoim stories

4)rebbe stories



we hope you enjoy this website.


the team.